I found Skin Institute by asking high end local area spas what school they recommended. I was told by numerous spa owners that by far Skin Institute had the best and most extensive skin education. I was impressed when I visited the school and saw the staff and facilities. Not only did I receive a first rate education, I also had the benefit of learning on what I would say are the best skin care products out there, Dermalogica. I would highly recommend Skin Institute if you are serious about becoming an esthetician!



From the moment I walked in the doors at Skin Institute, I felt a connection with my instructors and my fellow classmates that I knew would last a lifetime. Immediately, I knew the Skin Institute was my home. The Skin Institute more than adequately equipped me for success and bolstered my confidence, passions, and commitments to achieve and attain the highest levels of success and excellence in this industry. The Skin Institute provides their students with individualized and personal attention with great emphasis on cultivating, developing, and refining one's requisite set of skills needed in this industry, not just to be successful, but to stand out from the rest- from your competition. The skilled techniques you will acquire through the Skin Institutes' inimitable and unparalleled teaching will undoubtedly have you producing beautiful and phenomenal results with your clients' skin.  The Skin Institute also makes a commitment to their graduates to provide continual assistance in your efforts in strategic job placement. I got my dream job and I couldn't be happier! Thank you Skin Institute. Thank you for teaching me, growing me, and becoming like family to me.



My experience with Skin Institute was beyond incredible. From the moment I walked through the doors and spoke with Victoria, I knew that Skin Institute was the school for me. This school truly changed my life, and my memories there are some of the best memories I have. I became so close with all of my classmates and teachers, which made learning the material that much better. Being out in the field now, I have realized just how prestigious the level of education is I received from Skin Institute. They fully prepared me for the industry and provided amazing experiences that I wouldn’t have received at any other esthetics school.


As I was looking to plunge into the Esthetics field and doing research on which school to attend, there was no question that Skin Institute was the best choice. Not only do the instructors put their hearts and soul into their teaching; they care deeply for each and every student. As I graduated and began to send out my resume, I could hear the excitement in the possible employer’s voice as I mentioned I attended Skin Institute. I now have a promising career as a medical esthetician and make-up artist which I owe a million “thank yous” to Skin Institute. I love going to “work” each and every day and doing what I am passionate about most in life. I can say with certain, I’ve made lifelong friendships and I am forever grateful. Thank you, Skin Institute for always supporting me and giving me the tools I needed to be successful!!



The Skin Institute is the ONLY place I would consider going to in Missouri. Their program includes two top skin care lines, Dermalogica and Skinceuticals.  I am a single mom and had to attend school while working and taking care of my 3-year old.  The school was beyond understanding and accommodating with situations that would arise.  Every instructor and the owner Victoria were more than willing to answer any questions at any time.  They were very generous in sharing business building tips and ideas to create success when I graduated.  I felt confident I would be successful after graduation and I am! I do makeup for over 75 bridal parties a year in addition to doing makeup for video, print and TV.  I’ve had the opportunity to do makeup for the Food Network 3 times, People Magazine, Bio Channel, The World Series and so many more! I am truly blessed in this career, but it doesn’t come without hard work, passion and a drive that doesn’t give up when the going gets tough!



If you are ready to lead in the industry then Skin Institute is for you. I am a personal success story! As an Esthetician at the prestigious award winning Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel Saint Louis, I work with the most talented and revered therapists in Saint Louis. I attribute all of my success to my unsurpassed education at Skin Institute. The education I have received not only allows me to provide the best skin care treatments for my celebrity clientele but has also given me the confidence to reach higher than I ever thought possible!



Studying Esthetics at the Skin Institute has been the best decision I could have made in my life. After completing 4 years of college, I was still very unsure about choosing a career path, and wanted to spend my life doing something I loved. After working in a high end spa for a couple of years as a receptionist, I was always very interested in the products and services our estheticians offered. After doing my research on schools in the area, I decided on Skin Institute and was so pleased with the education and experiences I received while attending school. I now work at Cary O’Brien’s Design and Color spa as a full time Esthetician and as our Spa Coordinator and Event Planner. I manage a team of 6 including myself, and absolutely LOVE my job. Since being appointed Spa Coordinator, I have since hired two additional Esty’s, and only chose to hire graduates of the Skin Institute.   I had no concerns or issues with training my new staff because I know after graduating from Skin Institute, that they would be equipped with the knowledge and skills that I expect all of my staff to have. I cannot speak any more highly of the staff and teachers at Skin Institute and I always recommend them anyone looking to get into the business. Thank you so much Victoria, Terri, Annie, Lori, and Sharon for giving me the tools to be successful and happy in my career.



Going to school to get my Esthetics License was financially the smartest thing I have ever done.  As a Massage Therapist, my income had maxed out at under $40,000/year. In my 1st year after graduating from Skin Institute, I tripled my income and have a nearly six figure income that affords me the life I want to live. I work in the hotel industry and enjoy my career at the Chase Park Plaza Salon & Spa. I go to work every day in a beautiful place, have great employment benefits, and a career I truly love.



After opening the door of the Skin Institute to tour the school I knew it was the school for me. With the beautiful atmosphere and the friendly staff I felt at home.  The esthetics program at the Skin Institute prepared me for a very rewarding career in the industry. With all the extra training offered I was able to start my job search with over five continuing education certificates. The extensive preparation for State Board testing was a life saver, I had no doubts about passing the tests. The small class sizes gave us the opportunity to get great hands-on training with both instructors and our class mates. After graduating I knew that I had both the knowledge and skills to give exceptional treatments and give my clients the information they needed to take care of their skin in between treatments. I Graduated in 2007 and have the Skin Institute to thank for my great success.



I was previously enrolled at another Esthetics school in St. Louis.  I attended this other school for about a year and I am so happy that I enrolled at SKIN Institute.  I learned more in one week at the SKIN Institute than I learned in an entire year at the other school.



I loved Skin Institute’s holistic approach to skincare, it is a very professional atmosphere with supportive, credible instructors.  The school provided a very professional atmosphere where my learning allowed me to gain the self-confidence to effectively treat skin.  The program offered real business strategies and outlined what it was going to take to be successful in the esthetics industry.



After checking out all the esthetic and cosmetology school in the St. Louis area, I decided that the small, intimate, caring environment of the SKIN Institute was perfect for me. Other schools did not have a total skin focus, which is what I wanted to learn.  SKIN Institute just felt right to me and my time there allowed me to build strong friendships and learn so much.



Coming from a family in the professional beauty industry, I was looking for a profession that would extend my family business.  I also had challenges with my own skin and learned, through the SKIN Institute, how rewarding it is to be able to improve the health of skin.  At SKIN Institute I learned interpersonal skills that have improved my ability to work more effectively with people. I also loved working with the machines!



SKIN Institute gave me all the tools and knowledge that I needed to pursue my esthetics career.  I learned up-to-date procedures and how to operate state-of-the-art machinery.  I picked SKIN Institute because of the school’s total focus on skin and the expertise of the instructor team. I am so glad that my extensive esthetic school research led me to the SKIN Institute.



After briefly attending a different St. Louis Esthetics school, I decided to transfer to SKIN Institute.  SKIN Institute provided me with a very well-rounded education and I felt that my learning time was always very productive. Because there were so many trainers, there was a variety of experience and expertise to learn from.



The SKIN Institute was a wonderful experience.  I feel I received a quality education, which is most important to me. The instructors not only taught what was necessary to pass boards, but taught what is necessary to be a skillful esthetician in the workplace.  I felt well prepared for my first job, working at a day spa.  The SKIN Institute has an amazing facility, quality above most spas, and learning Dermalogica product in depth & how to sell it, enabled me to learn other products with ease.  I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed my time at the SKIN Institute.  I was able to make life-long friends, and have a resource to turn to whenever I need anything to further my career as an esthetician.

Thank You SKIN Institute!!! 

-- Tricia


When joining the Enhance Medical Spa department of St Louis Cosmetic Surgery, my employer and fellow employees were impressed with the level of technical training and experience working with machines that I had developed while at SKIN Institute. Other staff skincare therapists, who had attended other esthetics schools, had never had the opportunity to gain the experience and expertise while in school that I had. Even though I was right out of school, working at one of the most prestigious plastic surgery practices, I felt confident and capable to do my job well. I am very comfortable in what is an environment of cutting-edge technologies and advanced medical esthetics.

-- Christine


As the owner of EYEBROWS, an eyebrow threading and shaping kiosk in West County and South County Mall, I wanted to expand my expertise and decided to go back to school to get my esthetics license. I chose Skin Institute after researching all of the undergraduate schools in the St Louis area. Being from a different culture, I was concerned about my ability to complete the state licensing program. Since enrolling in SKIN Institute, my communication skills have improved dramatically, and I attribute this to the supportive environment of the school. I was amazed at how helpful my instructors were and how much individualized attention was given to each student.

-- Bhavika


Jane graduated from SKIN Institute, already holding her degree in Registered Nursing, and upon graduation went on to head the Women’s Specialty Center at St Anthony’s Hospital. Jane always had a desire to do skincare, and her Esthetic Licensing allowed her to build on her expertise as a nurse to incorporate the health and wellness esthetic modalities into her medical applications. Jane spends her days servicing patients with injectables, fillers, dermaplaning, and advanced chemical peel procedures. Jane’s lasting impression from her days at esthetics school was how many fabulous women she met. Jane feels she has finally found her passion at her second career and loves going to work each day.

What I love most about the SKIN Institute is the hands-on training.  The instructors are always ready and willing to help.  The spa atmosphere at the SKIN Institute helps make the school experience so much more enjoyable and take the stress out of the schoolwork.  My family also enjoys the benefit of enjoying the facials that I give at the SKIN Institute.

-- Amy


At SKIN Institute I get lots of practice time and hands-on training.  I already have a job offer at a full service salon and I haven’t even completed the program yet.  Friends and family love the Dermalogica products and I can now confidently recommend products to clients, based on ingredients, client skin type, and face mapping.

-- Anna


The instructors at the SKIN Institute were absolutely awesome.  I was so well prepare to see clients on my own because I was able to work with the public in the clinic on a daily basis.  I learned everything I know about skin care at the SKIN Institute and I am now able to help my own clients with their skin care.

-- Leslie


I love this place.  My instructors and my classmates are all very caring and helpful.  They always take the time to answer all of our questions thoroughly, often with their real life experiences.  Victoria emphasizes that she and the instructors are here for us and when we go out into the real world we will represent all the knowledge, skills, and customer services that we have obtained at the SKIN Institute.  I completely agree with this philosophy.

-- Julie


Skin Institute was a dream come true for me. I came to this school for the tools needed to pass my state board exam and to prepare me to enter the wonderful world of esthetics. Boy did I receive much more! The environment is warm, loving, and definitely centered around success. All of my instructors were invested in me, and always taught from experience, not just a textbook. Now that I'm in the field, I feel so secure and appreciative of the education I received. I'm over qualified and urge anyone seeking a career in esthetics to get your training from Skin Institute too. It's life changing!


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